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An apicoectomy, also known as endodontic microsurgery, is a delicate oral procedure performed on the tip of the root of a tooth (called the apex) after a root canal has failed to heal an infection in the tooth root.

If there are cracks or breaks in the tooth, the tooth will need to be extracted. We can perform the extraction in our office and then meet with you to discuss your options for a tooth restoration, such as a dental implant. Dental professionals work hard to save your natural tooth, and an apicoectomy is one of the approaches we take when infections in the tooth root cannot be solved with a root canal. It ensures that the tooth root does not develop additional infections or complications that will require extraction. If an apicoectomy is planned, your oral surgeon will remove the tip of the tooth root, along with the infected tissue. The tooth’s canal will then be cleaned and sealed closed.

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If a root canal isn't an option for an infected tooth, or if a previous root canal treatment has failed, an apicoectomy is performed to remove the infection. You can hear from our apicoectomy patients about how easy the procedure was and about their great experiences with our team.

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Why do I need an apicoectomy?

Apicoectomies are performed with the goal of removing an infection from an affected tooth root before the tooth is too damaged and must be removed. Some of the most common reasons an apicoectomy may be recommended include

Your procedure will be performed in our office under local anesthesia (with or without IV sedation) and will take about 60 minutes depending on the complexity of the root structure and the position of the tooth in your mouth. During the procedure, your oral surgeon will use an operating microscope to clean and seal the canal of the infected tooth root — an apicoectomy is also called endodontic microsurgery because it is performed under a microscope.

Apicoectomy in Teaneck, NJ

An apicoectomy is a simple procedure, although still considered oral surgery, and can be a successful long-term solution that will last for the life of the tooth. If a tooth that has recently had root canal treatment is causing you discomfort, or if you have been told that you need an apicoectomy, we encourage you to contact North Jersey Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to set up a consultation, during which one of our oral surgeons will meet with you to discuss your treatment options.